Supporting them, supporting you.

There are a lot of people out there doing wonderful things, but sometimes they need a hand, too. That’s where we step in. The Caroline Rose Charity Inc. provides support to charities working to better the planet for all populations – from people to pandas, and everything in between.

Championing causes central to the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet, we provide a wide range of short-term supportive services including strategy, business and marketing, along with grants and mentorship to allow charities to grow and deliver the best possible help to those who need it the most.

Incubator funds are provided to partner charities to support their works within niche and necessary fields

Strategic planning, marketing and business services are offered to charities at a discounted rate to help them work towards a self-sustaining business model

Our focus is on people and places.

With four key pillars at the heart of our offerings, we hand-pick our partner charities to ensure that our core values are met.

Basic Human Rights
Centered around access to services, supplies and safety as internationally identified through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we work with charities that bring dignity to the lives of individuals and communities.

In order for generations to move forward and improve their lives, education is essential. Working with charities who help facilitate access to schools, study supplies and support, and provide a safe living space is how we help contribute to this.

Without access to healthcare, basic illnesses can be life threatening. By ensuring the availability of clean water and fresh food and increasing education around healthy practices, our partner charities help to improve the health and wellbeing of those who need it most.

Environment + Ecosystems
We all know the Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered, but it’s the loss of habitat that has led to its drastic population decline. Charities who are working towards re-forestation of the land, re-oxygenation of the ocean and re-cycling of man-made materials for new and sustainable purposes are key to this, and we are proud to partner with them to support the health (and heart) of the earth.


65% of Australian charities are considered small.


Only 4% of all donations go to small charities.


Donations make up 38% of small charities’ revenue.

Caroline Rose Charity Inc. supports charities to allow them to get on with their business

Funding and Donations

We provide regular small grants to charities, chosen by asking where we can be of the most benefit. To do this, we ensure:

    • A Helping Hand
      The funds provided will help the charity improve their services, offerings or business practices.
    • Circular Investment
      A return on our investment, so we can continue to provide support to a range of charities for years to come.
    • Gains and Growth
      The donation serves as a seed for future growth – whether that be in terms services offered, areas impacted or funds available.
    • Sustainability
      The charity is financially self-sustaining moving forward.

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Business Support Services

We provide specific business support services at a discounted rate to help charities expand their reach and offerings, including:

    • Business Strategy and Advisory
    • Branding and Digital Marketing
    • Event and Project Management
    • Grant Submissions

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Support Us

Our goal is to make Australian charities the most efficient and effective that they can be. In order to do this, we rely on business and the community to support us in supporting them, and we would love your help – whether that’s hosting a charity event, providing in-kind support by offering up your own expertise, or donating funds to help us help others.