About us

The Caroline Rose Foundation supports charities across a variety of sectors who are working to better the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Through financial and advisory services as well as event and marketing support, we help charities to help others.

Our Story/Mission

The Caroline Rose Foundation was formed in memory of the late Caroline Rose Chin, recognising her contributions to community, championing her values and extending her love of helping others into the wider world.

We are not alone in our desire to better the planet and the lives of those who live here. We recognise the talent, the drive and the dedication of those working tirelessly across the not-for profit sector, putting their passion and knowledge into everything they do, and we want to help them do this.

Our Board

Our uniquely positioned Board, Chairs and Directors come with a wealth of corporate knowledge, practical business advice and lived experience. Through the development of sustainable business models, the provision of funds as well as design and marketing skills, we are working with charities across Australia to help them become the most effective and efficient they can be, and to get the word out about the wonderful things they are doing.

Our goal is now simple – support them to support you.

Colan Chin



David Nixon

Deputy Chair

Paul Denham


Kyle Sarah


Steven Hodge



14% of Australians live below the poverty line


Over 60 native plant species have gone extinct since European settlement.


30% of Australia’s unique mammals are listed as endangered.

Our Partners

Our Partners provide us with the capability to be able to deliver life-changing funding and support to charities, who in turn make our planet a better place. We thank them for their ongoing support. They include:

Caroline Rose Charity Incorporated

The Caroline Rose Charity Incorporated (ABN: 47 553 941 800) is registered with the Australian Charites and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Further information about us can be found HERE.

The Caroline Rose Charity Incorporated is not currently registered for DGR status but is expected to gain this over the coming months.