Our Services

The Caroline Rose Foundation provides support to charities to help them help others through incubator grants, small-scale funding and business service support.

Our Services for Charity

Incubator Grants

Where a grant is used to match or increase the chances of success of third-party funds, we provide incubator grants to grassroots Australian charities.

Support Grants

We provide small-scale support grants and donations to a variety of charities that carry out work on the causes we believe in.

Business Planning and Advisory

Through our partners, we arrange and co-fund business planning and advisory services for charities working to better people and the planet.

Digital Marketing

We help partner charities establish their digital presence through strong branding and digital marketing.

Secretariat Services

With the support of our partners, we provide discounted secretariat and business support services to charities, including letters and grant applications.

Event Management Services

Events help raise funds and awareness. We provide charities discounted event management services including event strategy, advertising and registration.

Our Purpose

We support a variety of charities who work to better people the health and wellbeing of people and the planet through the provision of financial and physical services which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of individual charities.

Our Causes

Basic Human Rights

Human rights may be universal, but they are not equally available. We back charities that work towards universal access to adequate food, clean water and shelter.


Access to good education is vital to the development of individuals and community. We support charities that facilitate access to learning environments.


Healthcare is essential to the future. We support charities that increase health and wellbeing through access, provision, research and education.

Environment & Ecosystems

The protection of ecosystems, habitats, speciesare crucial to continued biodiversity. We work with charities who are taking steps to ensure a positive future for the planet.